Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Fix My Sole

As previously mentioned, these sole-related comics were inspired by a sermon that was not at all about shoes but might have had some mention of something soul-related. It's difficult to draw a shoe for a stick figure. I know I saw a comic about a peach cobbler (a peach that fixed shoes) and that might have sparked the cobbler portion of this. But slightly related to that, dessert cobbler is quite tasty.

M: Can you fix my sole?
C: I'll cobble something together.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Feel It In Your Sole

I don't remember which sermon inspired this one but I believe it was a throwaway comment about cobbling something together or something soul-related. My mind tends to go on tangents which is why it's helpful that our pastor gives out sermon outlines to help me (and probably other people too) focus. I'm now thinking it was something more soul-related. But of course I went on a tangent. Not a cosine. Why don't we go on more cosines.

M: How do you know that your shoes are wearing out?
B: I can feel it in my sole.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Forum and Againstum

We were discussing something else in class but I thought this up and it wasn't totally related but I thought if forums exist, then so should againstums. I know that's not how it works but it would make it easy to see what side people are on. You really should know which one you're aiming for.

A: Where are the venues?
G: To the right is the Forum. To the left is the Againstum.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Bigger Frying Pan

On family vacation, some theology was discussed and this discussion happened. Yes, it is satire. No frying pans were bought. But I did think about it literally. How big a frying pan are we thinking? Probably bigger than a 12".

E: You need to stop watching Joel Osteen marathons.
N: No! I just bought a bigger frying pan!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Greek First Principles

So a missionary in Hong Kong was talking about conversing in Cantonese and I felt way out of my league since I barely know a second language (Spanish) but I can't really converse so I don't know that it counts as knowing it but I am learning on DuoLingo so that's fun.

M: He wanted to discuss Greek first principles in Cantonese, but I was out of depth in Cantonese.
L: That's out of my depth in English.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Dessert Dinosaurs

So I saw this article a few weeks ago and hey, they still haven't fixed the title!
Here's a screenshot from my phone in case they update the article:
The title is "Fossils of dinosaurs that lived in a dessert have been unearthed in Brazil." In the article, they spell desert properly, but it made a funny mental picture, hence the comic. For this one, I actually drew it up right away so here is my sketch as a bonus:

L: Are you finding any evidence of cherries? Whipped cream? Sprinkles?
P: For the last time, that was a typo! These dinosaurs lived in the desert.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rumer Mill

I showed this one to my husband who said haha, they never do that.
It's an interesting picture to imagine an actual mill (I'm thinking the kind that's like a barn with a water wheel on the one side) but it's somehow a printing press and it's printing rumors in a constant stream. I kinda want to draw this now.

C: I heard you're back with your ex!
D: Well, the rumor mill needs to print a retraction.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

No Power

So it's summer and when everyone in my neighborhood has their AC on, sometimes the power flickers. There was one day I was working from home, and the power went out for TWO HOURS. It happened to be the last two hours of my workday, so I couldn't push my changes, but it wasn't critical so I just logged off and thought I could bum around but then the power came back on and I had laundry to do.

L: The power is out!!!
BG&E: Yeah, we know, cool your jets.
L: HOW?!?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Pouring Joy

I'm learning about the Fruit of the Spirit in my class on Sunday and someone mentioned pouring joy into someone's life and I thought this up. That would be a slippery situation. One could say Cinderella was in a slippery situation with the whole shoe (slipper) ordeal. I might have just thought up another comic.
I guess I should say, as they do on YouTube and other channels when they mention a brand name, Not A Sponsor.

A: Why is my room all slick and soapy?!?
B: I poured Joy (R) into your life!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Joy vs Dawn

My class on Sunday is going through the Fruit of the Spirit and Dawn is not one of them. But I think every Christian thinks there are some fruits they struggle with but other they are doing a good job with. However when you dig into it and realize what choosing joy or peace or gentleness means, you come to the conclusion that you actually have a lot of room for improvement. That's how I am with joy. And actually with most of the fruits. I know I struggle with some more than others, but knowing you have a struggle is the first step in overcoming it I think.
Disclaimer: I don't actually know the price points of these soaps and which one is a better deal. I thought this up while in class and someone mentioned asking for joy.

A: I asked for joy!
B: But Dawn (R) was cheaper.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Out of Joy

My class on Sunday is going through the Fruit of the Spirit. We're on Peace currently, but I thought these up when we were covering Joy. My brother-in-law is leading the class and we're going through the book The Fruitful Life by Jerry Bridges. I recommend the book - it has some good stuff.

A: I'm all out of joy.
B: You can use my Dawn (R).

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Cotton Gin

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Bring your American industrial inventions to every party you attend.
I had to look up what a cotton gin looked like since I don't think I've ever seen one in person. I've been to many colonial places and also there's Font Hill Castle which is all pre-Industrial Age but maybe there is a cotton gin at one of the Smithsonian museums in D.C. I'll try to look for one next time I'm in the Museum of American History, that seems like a likely place for it.

B: We have the tonic, what kind of gin did you bring?
E: ... cotton

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Being a Pesto

A pesto is a sauce mainly consisting of basil but can have other herbs and also has garlic and pine nuts and cheese. It's very green and could be thought of as an herb smoothie. But you would sound more refined calling it pesto. Also, that's what it's suppose to be called.

A: hey hey hey hey hey hey
A: I want to be an herb smoothie.
B: Stop being such a pesto.