Tuesday, June 2, 2020


On this day, a few years ago (within the decade because Mark and I were visiting and witnessed the craziness first-hand), my parents got A NEW FRIDGE!!! There was happiness, there was panic because we had to move the stuff from the old fridge to the new fridge even though there was an empty spare fridge that could have totally been used as an intermediary step but was totally disregarded instead, it was a memorable day. It's a local holiday in my family. At least to me it is. Families should have their own weird little holidays. It brings you together or something like that.

Happy Fridge Day!!! (on a fridge)

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Potato Chips

My husband came up with this one. We normally stop by the local grocery store to get potato chips when we leave the Sunday evening service and go to my in-laws (way back when we had in-person services, so up until March). We normally get the ones on sale that have good ingredients (i.e. few ingredients). I like potatoes.
How are we at the end of May? It seems likes it's been forever since I've traveled. The last place I went was up to CT for Christmas/New Years. That's just crazy that Mark and I have not left the state... this year. Wait, we might have gone down to D.C. Possibly. But that's a short car/metro ride. Now that I think about it, I don't recall the Metro which means the venue was most likely in Baltimore which is state-side. Haha, that's not the right word. But I don't think we've left the state since December. I want to travel again. But I want everyone to be healthy.
What's coming up next month? Stay tuned. :)

Pope: Are you a layperson?
Dude: No, I'm more of an Utz person.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Home Project Permits

This is a partially true story because while my half is true, Mark did not deny permission and agreed that opening a can of paint that has sat for a decade in the basement is a frustrating task. He is amazing and understanding and I like him alotalot. We are prepping our house for staging and fixing all the nail holes and moving excess furniture and sometimes you just don't want to deal anymore but over all it is kinda exciting and also we have stuff we haven't used in a decade and can just give away now. But not the cake topper from our wedding. That is staying with us for the long run.

Title: Me doing home projects
L: Permission to be a whiny quitter?
M: Permission denied.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Peak Productivity

I thought this one up after a particularly loud sneeze. I had not taken any expectorants, so all was well. But that would truly be peak productivity. And now that's what I'll think of whenever someone talks about peak productivity. And now maybe you will too!

A: How would you define peak productivity?
B: This one time, I took Mucinex (R) and then sneezed.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Contact-Less Society

Hahaha but seriously, I was putting off going to my optometrist to get my eyes checked and get new contacts and then the Pandemic hit and everything's closed and I am in my last box of contacts and I've just been wearing my glasses most days because I don't care and since I'm staying home, i.e. not wearing a mask, glasses are just easier and I can take them off when I take a nap.
I saw a tip about how to stop your glasses from fogging when you're wearing a mask - make sure the part around the nose is tight so your exhaled air goes down instead of up. Also, you can wash your glasses in the sink with soap and water! I did not know this. They are so sparkly now. Well, they were. They were nice and sparkly for a few hours then they went the way of all glasses and somehow smears started appearing.

M: Why are so many people in here wearing glasses?
L: We've become a contact-less society!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Resource Hog

I thought this one up a while ago, pretty sure it was related to a work issue. Probably was searching through logs to find the culprit. I'm not a fan of hunting in real life - I'm fine with others doing it but if I had to kill my own meat, I would probably be vegetarian. I remember as a kid, we had a neighbor who was a hunter and this one time I saw a deer "hanging out" behind his house and I was like IT'S BAMBI'S MOM.

Hunter: What are you nerds tracking?
Nerd 1: A resource hog.
Nerd 2: Should be huge!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Baby Shower

A friend or possibly a friend of a friend mentioned going to a "Pistols or Pearls" party and I was confused until I saw the pictures and it was clearly a baby shower. I just think overly gendered stereotypes are not helpful, so I put a different spin on this one. Who knows what my sister will do for her kiddo - I have a gift ready though! That's one benefit to being home all the weekends - plenty of crochet time (but running low on a few colors of yarn, and I can't go out and get more, but I can order online, but color picking is hard digitally).
Also realized I had a typo, but I caught it before posting so that's good! That is a definite benefit to drawing digitally - I can just open the file and edit rather than needing to fix, scan, crop, etc.

Banner: Pistols or Pearls??
Guest 1: I'm rooting for a marine biologist over a weapons expert.
Guest 2: *confused/concerned*

Sunday, May 17, 2020


Happy Birthday to my grandma! I have many happy memories of staying the weekend at her house, watching movies and doing crafts and attending Awana at her church (my church didn't have that program) and coloring pictures through choir practice while she played the piano. I'm very grateful for the early exposure to arts and music that I got through my family! Having hobbies is great, especially when there are limits on where you can go and what you can do - I have yarn to crochet and pictures to paint and a violin to play (I should do that last one, I haven't in a while - the weather is nice so I can play with windows open and share with the neighbors).

In the song that the castle inhabitants sing to Belle, Lumiere sings "Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test", and this comic is imagining someone actually doing that. 

Lumiere (candlestick from Disney's Beauty and the Beast) : Dude, you are putting my service to the test.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Security Question 2

Another one! Very similar to the last, but a little different. And also to highlight the amazingly odd bird, the emu. It is flightless while also being about the size of a full grown human, so you can't be too hard on them because we can't fly either and also a 120lb flying bird would be quite frankly terrifying (well, per wiki they range from 40-132 pounds which is quite a range but the upper end is more than me so there's that). Well now I'm curious - the largest extant flying bird weighs about 20 pounds per wiki so we're good.

Prompt 1: Please save a response for additional security. Answers are not case-sensitive. What is your favorite { animal, bird, color, dog breed } ? <Enter response>
Selection: bird
Answer: emu (underlined in red)
Error text: Answers must be at least 6 characters long and include a number and a special character.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Security Question 1

Did I just have to reset an account and get rather irritated at the protocols? Maybe. Do I think these questions are a good idea? Yes, when used properly, but sometimes they give too specific or too vague questions and I'm thinking either everyone will know that or there's no way I'll remember what I put for that. I like the free-form ones where you can save the question and answer because then I can put things like favorite coffee mug and answers like I DON'T DRINK COFFEE and who's gonna guess that? Well, I shouldn't use that one.

Prompt 1: Please save a response for additional security. Answers are not case-sensitive. What is your favorite { animal, bird, color, dog breed } ? <Enter response>
Selection: animal
Answer: dog (underlined in red)
Error text: Please enter upper, lower, and numeric characters as part of your response.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Baseball Confusion

Happy belated Birthday to my brother-in-law! He's several time zones to the east so that means... it's definitely after his birthday.
I had this comic in the works for a while but I had just written down 'bat who plays baseball' and I could not remember the thought that caused that or why I had written it down so briefly. I had to look up what rye looks like, as that's not a normal thing I encounter. Also, I forgot to draw who's up to bat. It's a very skeletal crew. Haha, I should incorporate that somehow but drawing a stick figure skeleton does not sound simple.

Announcer 1: The bat is pitching, the rye is catching, and the pitcher is on 2nd.
Announcer 2: This game is so confusing.
*Bat (animal) is pitching, a stalk of rye is catching, and a pitcher of Kool-aid is on 2nd*

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Gender-Neutral Mail

We have a femaleman :) A mailwoman. A female postal worker who delivers our mail and this one time she came to our door because a letter was 23 cents short on postage so I gave her a quarter so I could get my letter. It was an invitation to a baby shower the previous week.
I appreciate all the effort that goes into the global mail system - it's pretty amazing that I can put a letter in my local mailbox with an international stamp on it and somehow it arrives at my sister-in-law's flat in Hong Kong. I don't know how it works but I'm glad it does.

M: Mailman!
F: I am a lady.
M: Oh, sorry, Femaleman!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dyeing Art

I came up with this one a while ago but now I have time to go through a lot of my backlog since I'm not getting too much new material since I'm not interacting with people. But I did just think up a comic after reading my Bible yesterday, we were in Luke 15 and you'll see that comic when I get around to writing it :)
I like yarn, but I do not normally buy the hand-dyed kind because it's more expensive and I have so much of my own yarn that I should be using up but sometimes there's yarn ON SALE and it's super soft and pretty and I get more. But I have a three-bin shelf and it all fits in there, as a limiter. Well, except the super chunky yarn that's next to it. But it's in a basket so it's all good.

C: Wow, you're the only person I know that colors their own yarn!
Y: Yeah, it's a dyeing art.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Binary Fairy

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday to my amazing husband! You make my life more magical every day <3 As annoying as this quarantine/lockdown/stay home order thing is, I'm glad I'm stuck with you :)
I think I came up with the idea of the binary fairy in college, as a way to explain why sometimes the code wasn't working, you don't change anything but you rerun the test, and it then is working. Rather than being alarmed by the non-stability of the code base, just put your trust in the pixel dust!

M: This didn't work last time I ran this test but now it works - how???
F: The binary fairy. Sprinkling her pixel dust over the code base.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Json and Perl

A naming series wouldn't be complete without names that will never be spelled correctly. Well, clearly people would think Jason and Pearl as those are normal names. But if you want to be a true nerd, this is the way to go. Are you familiar with either Json or Perl? I feel most devs are at least familiar with them but not all people are devs (clearly). I will try to come up with some more naming comics to give my sister more options for her child, maybe she'll listen to me this time (unlike all of my sisters and sister-in-laws who have so far named their children normal, non-traumatizing names). [that is actually a good thing - please do not make your child's name a joke]

Here are my kids, Json and Perl.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Archer Arrow Quiver

At least one is sure to be someone's beau. I have seen two of these names used, but not the third one. I'm not sure about any of them. But my sister is welcome to use any of them! I'm getting a niece or nephew this fall and that's what prompted this naming series. I am just being helpful and coming up with original names for the child. I think all of these here are gender neutral (since they're objects but maybe you need to check in a gendered language like Spanish to know what they are - flecha/arrow is feminine, archer/arquera/arquero can go either way, and quiver is more difficult because it's giving the translation for shaking instead of where you keep your arrows).

Here are my kids, Archer, Arrow, and Quiver.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Robin and Emu

So the emu is my favorite bird and why are some birds used as people names but not others? I was trying to think of birds that are used as names and I thought of Wren and Robin, but then I looked up a list and there are ones like Sparrow and Jay but then they're saying Talon and Heron and I'm like, that's a bit much. So anyways, like the other naming comics I've made on the themes of food, colors, music, and such, some names in a category are more normal than others.

Here are my kids, Robin and Emu.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Tool vs Tulle

Drawing tiny tools is difficult, but I managed to put a hammer, saw, and screwdriver with duct tape as the waistband. I could see this happening on an episode of "Last Man Standing" or "Home Improvement" (both staring Tim Allen). Except he had sons in Home Improvement, so it'd more likely work in a flashback in Last Man Standing since he has daughters in that one (I stopped watching a few seasons ago - that show started good then just kept getting more objectionable). If my family was a sitcom and my eldest sister dropped off her girls with my dad, I could see this happening. And they would be amazing tool skirts.

Amanda: Are the girls dressed in their tulle skirts for their ballet recital?
Adam: ... There has been a misunderstanding.
Adeline: *shrugs*

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Grab the T-Rex by the Tail

"Grab the bull by the horns", "Grab the dog by the ears", these are all old, pre-COVID-19 sayings. It's time for a new one! I came up with this while using my mug (shown in comic) which has a t-rex on it (which says "Today will be T-Riffic!" and also "Let them hear you rawr") and the body is on the mug while the tail forms the handle. It's an excellent mug which my excellent parents got for me for my birthday. I like it (and them) a lot.

L: You know what they say - grab the t-rex by the tail!
M: ...You are literally the only person that says that.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Truth in Here

Some people believe things that you don't. Some people do crazy mental gymnastics to wait a minute, I just thought up a comic for mental gymnastics so I've noted it and will draw it and post it in the future. Wow, now I'm getting my inspiration from Past Lauren, which is good since with this quarantine/shelter in house thing it's getting hard to find inspiration for comics.
But really, it takes faith to believe lots of things, not just religious. But many things have facts you can check! But you have to trust the fact-checker.

A: The truth is *out there*
B: No, it's in here (holding Bible)

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Low Expectations

So at my work, we get snacks sent to us from our west coast home office, and I appreciate the free food and it's all fairly healthy so that's good. However, they like to use healthy substitutes so you always need to read the label to prepare yourself. I have forgotten to do this several times and that first bite is a surprise, usually not a good one when you're expecting a granola bar and you realize this is just pea protein and chickpeas and millet and there is no granola or chocolate to be seen. Or if you're expecting a peanut butter cup only to find it's actually cashew. It's tasty, but not the expected taste.
I will wax philosophical for a moment here and apply this to the current situation (as of two weeks ago when I'm writing this). I never expected the current situation that we are in - staying at home, working from home, ordering everything delivery, rarely getting out except for walks around our neighborhood, dog watching cancelled because my friends aren't traveling, and no clear end in sight. It's easy to expect better than what you're given because humans are ungrateful and it's hard to fight that (thankfully as a regenerated Christian I have the Holy Spirit helping me). Setting your expectations properly is an excellent way to practice gratitude and be prepared for what's coming your way. I am grateful that I have a safe home to be in, with a job that works fully remotely, with food that can be delivered to me (not always what I requested in the app since the stores aren't fully stocked but it's sufficient for my needs), and so much more that I can thank God for giving me. Choose gratitude!

A: How's it going?
L: I don't know what I was expecting, but I expected better than this.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


This is a reference to Sharknado, the movie about a tornado (I think several tornadoes?) of sharks wrecking havoc. A tornado of bunnies would be much cuter and softer but when something hits you at 74mph, the softness of the object probably doesn't account for much.
The girl to the left is holding a bunny and I realize now that's kinda hard to tell and I should have used grey or filled in the bunnies to make the distinction more clear. Oh well. Maybe in round two (i.e. a sequel comic next spring). Or maybe there will be a sequel each season themed accordingly. I think sharks are summer themed, so that's already taken. Will have to think about an Autumnal one...

Bunnado: The Adorable Sequel Coming Next Spring
Girl: It's so fluffy!
Reporter: Fifteen pounds of fluff coming at over seventy-four miles per hour!

Sunday, April 12, 2020


Happy Easter! He is risen indeed. I didn't think up an Easter comic this year. Since I'm safe at home, I'm not near other people to overhear their conversations and make hilarious comics about them, so I have to make due with references from TV shows and also my backlog of comics I haven't gotten around to writing up. But I am safe and healthy so that is good and I am grateful.

You know what they say - I Peter 4:8.
I looked at many Bible versions and none translate sins as law-breaking, but sin is breaking God's law so I think it still counts.
I could make a series on this, using the different fruits of the spirit that also happen to be names of people (Charity, Joy, Peace, Temperance, ...) but now I'm thinking I could just do a kids names comic on that because why are some traits used as names but not others? Kindness, get over here. Gratefulness, stop hitting your brother.

Detective 1: Should have known Charity was their cleanup woman.
Detective 2: Yeah, she can hid a multitude of law-breaking.

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Trig! I took trigonometry in college because I was a software engineering major. I minored in math because there was so much math in the major, I just had to take two calculus classes to get it (also, I avoided ALL science classes which I saw as a win). Alas, my college found out about this and changed the major (after I graduated thankfully) to having science electives instead of math/science electives so the overlap was greatly reduced. But with the overlap, I didn't have enough credits to graduate with just my major and minor (one credit short), so I took some random classes to fill my schedule - handbells, first aid, a computer hardware class, and others just for fun. It was nice.
My husband was the same minor/major as me but then he decided to double-major (adding computer information systems) which meant he had to drop his minor but he had already done the classes so on his transcript Calc I & II are listed as electives which makes him look like a nerd. I love my nerd.

N: Our profits are on a sinusoidal line.
L: Why not cosinusoidal?
N: Don't get me on a tangent.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Quarantine Comic

Obligatory quarantine comic. Seems like everyone is doing them. Well, I usually get my comic inspiration from those around me, and well it's just my husband and I at home. There is some virtual interaction with coworkers and church members, but it's just not the same. I hope everyone is staying healthy, washing their hands, physically distancing from others, and eating healthy. We have been doing so much cleaning in our house. Probably because the options are 1. walk around the neighborhood, 2. bum around the house. On the bright side, I have finished all the squares for my dinosaur blanket and now it's time to start sewing them together (my least favorite part) then I'll just need to stitch a border and it'll be done! It's taken a while. It should be king sized but who knows.

Seagulls shouting STAY INDOORS a boatload of times.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Our pastor preached on the first part of Daniel 2 on 3/29, and I came up with this comic while listening to the sermon at home since we are all at home and trying not to spread sickness about. It would be bad to end the passage at verse 13, where all the wise men are getting killed for not telling the king his dream and the interpretation, but thankfully the passage continues to Daniel and his friends and their prayer to God for wisdom, which is a great reminder on where true wisdom resides.

King Nebuchadnezzar: I have a dream! But I forgot it. Explain it to me!
Wise Men: !? ? ! ??
Passage: Daniel 2:1-13

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Man or Mouse Jessie

I can hear this in her voice. I debated who to use in this comic - originally it was going to be Rex but then since he is male he could be considered a man, though he is a dinosaur. Then I thought Bo Peep but yeah she's a little more intricate to draw. Jessie is nicely recognizable by her hat and braid. I thought about more fully drawing the character but (a) over-detailed and (b) difficult.
Is Hamm levitating? No, he is just further in the background. That's my story and I'm sticking too it.
Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTERRRR! Have a wonderful day wherever your RV takes you.

J: Am I a man or a mouse?!
H: You are neither.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Spineless Slinky

Well, he's right, a slinky does not really count as a spine as that needs to be more firm. Does that make Slinky Dog an invertebrate? Possibly. Did it take me a bunch of tries to get Slinky Dog getting remotely close to his big screen inspiration? Yes, yes it did. Also I tried drawing from memory and wow I watched Toy Story quite a while ago and I was rather wrong. Ended up getting a picture off a Google search and that turned out much better.

SD: Do you think I'm some spineless -
H: Yes.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Spork Dork

I'm doing that dangerous thing where I post using characters from a movie I have not seen. Yep, I have not seen Toy Story 4. I haven't seen several of the recent Disney sequels. The first are usually good, why keep going? Anyways, my work comes up with internal names for things (as previous companies I've worked with also did) and the name Dorky Sporky was introduced and then this comic happened. But not just this comic, this week of comics! It's all about Toy Story this week.

S: I am a Spork, not a dork!
H: You are both.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hospitality Hospital

Well, that's not good. I am grateful for my amazing husband who helps me (or usually takes the lead) with cooking and usually the meals turn out great! To my knowledge, no one has gotten sick from eating here. And that's good. Because I eat here all the time! :)
But now I want to know if the words are related. It seems they are both from Latin through French and are based on the same word. Well, that's confusing.

A: Why does someone always get sick when you host dinner?
B: You can't spell hospitality without hospital!
A: ...

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Change Hater

I think we all have at least one person like this in our lives. It's important to not get bent out of shape over things outside of our control. And also it's important to remember that God is in control. There is a lot going on in the world (I'm writing this on the Ides of March as my state is going into quarantine protocols with schools closed and many workplaces are going fully remote) and that can cause stress but being stressed is not helpful. Remember to keep your head clear by reading the Bible and "thinking on these things" as it instructs.

A: What's wrong with him?
B: He hates change and can't stand the way things are.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Asaph vs Aesop

I think my dad was doing a devotional one of the times we were up visiting and asked this question and this response came to mind and I probably said it rather than keeping it internal. But the names are both under-used and slightly similar. (I believe the actual answer to his question is in verses 25-26.)

A: What did Asaph say about contentment in Psalm 73?
L: Wasn't he the guy who wrote the fables?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Remember Me

Not gonna lie, this song goes through my head nearly every time I pull up a login screen at work and hope that my login is saved and I won't have to recall whatever I set that login as. At work there are just so many things to have logins for, it makes sense to use some sort of software like LastPass (not a sponsor) to keep them all straight.
Also, I liked the movie Coco. I thought the animation style was great and colorful and the story line actually had a twist that wasn't obvious a mile away! Also taught me about the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) Mexican holiday, which was something I knew little to nothing about.

* Trying to login to server *
* don't remember password *
* isn't auto-filling *
M: Remember me

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dole Whip

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Also, Happy Half-Birthday to ME!!! Maybe we'll go out for Irish food like we usually do on my half-birthday. It's a great tradition.
There is a restaurant near me (Peri-Peri, also known as Nando's) which has a Dole Whip machine and one day I was wanting dessert and I thought hey, it's dairy-free and I'm lactose intolerant so I can have it! But then I realized the Dole in the name stands for pineapple, which I am mildly allergic to (I won't die, I'll just be uncomfortable as my mouth will be itchy for hours) so I didn't get any.
But there are other desserts I can and do enjoy, like this sleeve of Oreos which are dairy-free. I was going to save a few for Mark when he gets home from basketball but I have eaten all 6 which actually is good so I won't tempt him with them. I'm helping!

L: Dole Whip is dairy-free!
L: But it's pineapple. *facepalm*

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dry Skin Problems

After I did this.... many times, I decided to comic it. I'm sure others can relate. After documenting this, I feel I haven't done it as much, but also the weather here has warmed up so my skin isn't nearly as thirsty. Or maybe I'm putting on my chap-stick before I lotion my hands, that could be it too. Also, spell check is telling me 'chapstick' isn't a word and it needs a hyphen. But I just Googled (not a sponsor) it and chapstick, namely the brand ChapStick (not a sponsor), is very much a word. Apparently 'lip balm' is the non-branded term, but it's like Kleenex (not a sponsor) in that it can be Burt's Bees brand (not a sponsor) but you still call it chapstick.
I feel super official when I use (not a sponsor). In case you are wondering, I don't have sponsors (yet?) so any brand I mention is actually not a sponsor, even if I forget to caveat it.

L: Why are my hands and lips so dry all winter? Ugh.
* puts lotion on hands *
* tries to open chap-stick *
L: NOOOoooo!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Safari Puns: Panther

Is the panther just a filled in version of the cheetah? I'll never tell. I usually think of the Steve Martin movie rather than the cartoon when I think of pink panthers. Now I want to know the origin - why would someone think up a comic about a pink panther? Oh, it's named after the diamond with a flaw in the center that is said to resemble a panther. Allegedly.

Panther: This news has me tickled pink!
Zebra: You are not a pink panther; you are a black panther.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Safari Puns: Lion

Comic two of the safari pun series! I don't think this zebra has many friends. Puns sometimes have that side-effect. I have crocheted both of these animals and given them to a niece and nephew. The zebra was not as difficult as I thought it would be - just had to keep switching colors as I went along and it made counting rows much easier since there was a visual.

Lion: I'd be lying if -
Zebra: You're always lion - it's who you are.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Safari Pun: Cheetah

I know there are many puns about cheetahs being cheaters, but this might be my first one. Also I have a three comic series on safari puns. I don't have much to say about this, I think the comic really speaks for itself.

Cheetah: I'm no cheater!
Zebra: You are, in fact, a cheetah.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Miles of Kilometers

I forget what inspired this, but I have no desire to run a race in either miles or kilometers. But I'm sure the runner has a great story.

R: There I was, at Mile 8 of the 10K -
S: Wait, what?

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Raisin Awareness of Currant News

What's the currant news? Well, my dad's birthday is tomorrow! I hope he has a splendid day.
Also, it's hard to draw raisins (and currants) - they are just little blobs and I looked up sketches but didn't get inspired by any. So there are my little blobs.
Raisins and currants are dried fruit.

R: What are you raisin awareness about?
C: Currant news!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Giving Flours

Our Pastor went through the book of Ruth one chapter at a time (so four Sundays) and I thought this up when he was covering chapter three, which is when she goes to the threshing floor and lets Boaz know her situation with the whole redeemer thing. I like the story of Ruth - it's an unconventional love story and I appreciate that.

Naomi: How did it go?
Ruth: He gave me flours! *holding bag of barley, presumably in flour form which it probably wasn't since it was freshly harvested but to make the pun work we're saying it's in flour form*

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Work Days

My old work had taco Tuesday and they sometimes had taco salad in a taco shell bowl and it was super tasty. My work does not have any of these three. I do know someone else who works at a place which got rid of their testers so now the developers all take a day to be their own QA (quality assurance). I don't agree with that approach. I think programmers don't make the best testers because we usually focus on the happy path and QA is trying to bring us down (haha) no, they are there focusing on all the edge cases and also ensuring our happy path is solid. Also a hot fix is when you have a bad bug in Prod and you have to make a patch and shove it to Prod before too many people notice/exploit it.

A: My old work had Taco Tuesday and it was great.
B: Well, here we have Testing Tuesday (where all devs become QA) and Hot Fix Friday.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Duo for JS

As with my last post, I still don't think this would work. Javascript is a language which is not related to Java, which is a totally different language. It's confusingly named.
I'm sure there'd be an exec who would green light it. It's teaching coding like a natural language! But these programming languages aren't natural languages. But it'll be STEM educational! But it won't work. Ship it!

Duo for Javascript!
*Duo owl holding phone with text 'Hello World"*
Today you'll learn:
console.log('Hello World!');

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Duo for Binary

Duo could branch out into computer languages! For the uninformed, this is the Duo owl from DuoLingo, which is an app for language learning. But they just do human languages currently. I don't think the medium would work well with computer languages.

Duo for Binary!
*Duo owl holding phone with ones and zeros on it*

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ever So Extremely

A great way to discredit someone is to call them a conspiracy theorist. But the label is correct for some people. I once looked into the Flat Earth Society because I was curious how people could think that way, but wow was I surprised. There are people who think their crazy platform is normal and we are crazy to not be on it. This segues nicely into talk about political platforms and how some candidates espouse extreme positions that they tout as just decent and common sense. Actually that seems to be most candidates currently. And this is why it's important to curate your social media feeds. You don't want an echo chamber, where everyone is saying the same thing since that leads to extreme beliefs being seen as normal, but you don't want to get discouraged or disheartened by viewing your feeds. It's a balance. In a rather unbalanced world.

A: What's up with him?
B: He's ever so extremely a conspiracy theorist.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

How the Kids Speak

This will make you hip with the kids. Actually they might recoil in horror, but that could be what you're going for so who knows. I kinda want to try it out on the kids in the ministry I work in on Fridays. Results may vary.

A: How should I respond when a kid says their wig has been snatched?
B: That's totes fleek and hip, now fidget-spin away, you silly band.

Sunday, February 16, 2020


My pastor was doing a series through the early life of Christ (it has completed and we're now in a Ruth series), and when he was going through the Genealogy in Matthew I thought this up. I know there are sooooooo many more types of jeans, but there are only a few that are easily distinguishable via my comic style. Now if only they could make jeans for females with pockets that fit more than a chapstick...

Classic Levi's, Bell Bottoms, Distressed, Skinny

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

I had this idea before Christmas but didn't get around to making it until now. I'm sure there are other holidays I could add, but I just did some of the most popular ones.

The holidays are here!
*Uncle Sam, St. Patrick, Cupid, and Santa arrive*

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sleep Walking Skills

I do some dog watching as a way to get the joy of having a dog but not have to get up early every day for the next ten years and go walking regardless of weather (except for like a week at a time which is doable). I don't feel like saying you do something in your sleep is a marker of your skill in doing said task, as that's done by your sub-conscience and you aren't really in control.

L: *dog on leash* Tell me about your walking skills.
D: So good, I can do it in my sleep. Involuntarily.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Better World

Happy belated Birthday to my niece! Several of my nieces and nephews really like reading and I think that's an excellent hobby!
This is slightly inspired by the Owl City song "The Real World" which says "Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there."

M: Don't you want to explore the world?!
J: *holding book* I am.
M: The real world!
J: No, this one is better.