Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Vitals Taken


The nurse took his vitals!

Happy December! Stay healthy out there. I thought this up after a doctor's appointment and thinking through the phrase 'taking your vitals' because yeah that'd be bad if taken (haha) literally. This comic layout is similar to one I drew a while ago about 'not dying on my watch' - oh here it is. Hah, a while ago is apparently eight years. That was near the beginning of my blog - it's interesting to see how my style has changed. And the layout between the two comics isn't overly similar but I guess it was the 'one person laying down' that triggered the link. Also not sure about the grammar in this one - should it be 'are' or 'is'? Neither seemed correct so I just picked 'are' since it's two items. Grammar is hard. 

A: Why are your blood pressure and temperature so low?!?
B: The nurse... took.... my vitals.

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