Thursday, December 3, 2020

Sterile Environment


Sterile Environment

Happy early Birthday to my eldest sister! 
I feel like most people prefer seedless grapes but that could just be an assumption. Seedy grapes (that doesn't sound right) remind me of going to my Great-Grandmother's house because she liked them and I quickly learned to eat around the seeds but that's the only place I really remember having grapes with seeds. I liked going there and have many happy memories from my childhood with GG. Back to the comic, when thinking of hospital food only Jell-O comes to mind. I'm sure they have more food than that but it's the classic. I have not had Jell-O in a while - there is a family recipe for pretzel salad which is a 9x13 dessert and has Jell-O, strawberries, whipped cream, and a pretzel crust and is quite good. I also have a recipe for Dr. Pepper Jell-O salad which has Jell-O, fruit, and of course Dr. Pepper. I should make that again - it's quite good.

A: Why are all the grapes seedless in the hospital cafeteria?
B: It's a sterile environment! 

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