Friday, June 22, 2012

Hare in the Soup

Not sure how you could serve that without noticing... also it'd probably be more likely in a salad.

Bug in the Soup

Take the Cake

Again with this phrase.

Take the Cake (literally)

Where does this phrase come from?

Steak holders meeting


Why does saying 'uncle' mean anything in a fight?


Song Lyrics

Some songs are fun to string together.

Salty Language

Saudi Arabia

I posted a similar comic earlier.

Running Lights

Turning Your Brain On

Some people seem to have turned off their brain so long ago that they don't know where the switch to turn it back on is.

Step in the Right Direction


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thanks a lot

Can you give the gift of giving? It seems like it's worth a shot...


Not a good time for a brain fart.

Captain Oblivious - Marriage

A twist on the popular phrase, which is apparently from a song?

Captain Oblivious to the Not Rescue

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity Collage

Captain Oblivious - Advice

Well that makes it clear.

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity Busted

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity Idol

A reference to a football player.

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity Nemesis

In the Smallville version, he was bald.

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity

I heard of Ch-Ch-Ch-ChiaMan at a youth rally when I was younger. It was a reference to a superhero, the likeness of whom is in the comic. So it's not a completely original idea. I would credit the origin creators, but I don't remember the name of the rally.

Captain Oblivious - Applesauce

One of those phrases that I don't really get...

Captain Oblivious Becomes Sir Less-Than-Not-Helpful

Captain Oblivious - Snowboarding

Safety pins - the new duct tape? And I just realized that safety has an 'e' in it...

Captain Oblivious - Cars

A younger brother of mine inspired this comic.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Verse here.

Church Plant

My brother-in-law Noah gave me the idea for this one.



What do you know about porcupines?

Rear-view Mirrors

Philippians 3:13

Quadruple Eclipses

If you haven't watched this movie, go watch it.


Follow the Butterflies

On the Fence

Mission: Impossible (Part 1)

Sports Mission: Failed

Teamwork Mission: Failed

Breakfast Mission: Failed

Yeah this has happened to us...

Mission: Accomplished?