Thursday, June 30, 2022

Snuggle vs Struggle Buses

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And we're at the end of June! Wow, I'm really on top of things because I have a vacation coming up (it was a week before this posts) so I'm scheduling out the month because I'm not gonna bring a computer with me. I do plan to bring my sketchbook so there could be some hand-drawn comics in the future. It is a family vacation, with all the siblings of my husband along with their spouses and children and his parents. 22 of us, and it's 2022! How fitting.

And this comic is not at all related to the previous comic about me giving my child sugar. They just happen to randomly line up like that. True Story.

L1: I would prefer you got off the Struggle Bus and boarded the Snuggle Bus.
L2: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sugar Based Hydration

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 So my darling dear has not shown up in my comics in a bit. She is eating table food which is both good (she can share my snacks) and bad (she demands to share my snacks). She always wants to grab what I'm drinking, and this comic was sparked when I got a frozen hot chocolate from Dunkin and gave a sip to Lucy. This comic is also inspired by the time I had a coffee-drinker tell me that "Sugar is a drug!" to which I replied "So is caffeine." But honestly neither sugar or caffeine is ideal for the little one. But I do look forward to having tea parties with her. 

R: Are you giving your baby caffeine?!?!
L: No worries, it's a sugar-based drink.
R: !?!?!

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Input Output Problems

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So when I was visiting my family for my brother's graduation, there were some tech issues at church that Sunday and said issues sparked this comic. This is my mom freaking out that there's an issue, me singing a song about said issue, and my brother clapping along to increase the mild panic. Because singing helps just about as much as sarcasm. 

Explanation: There's an old children's song "I’m Inright, Outright, Upright, Downright Happy all the Time" and I adapted this song to be about livestream issues. I don't think this song is theologically sound since happiness depends on happenstance and sometimes life is just sad, but we can always have joy in Christ. Doesn't mean you're gonna be happy when life kicks you down, but you won't be despondent and you will have hope since God is in control. 

L1: Why isn't the livestream working?!?!?
L2: Input, output, upput, downput, Problems *clap* all *clap* the time *clap*.
L3: *clapping along*

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Nebraska Wedding

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A big congrats to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who have been married over a month now. They had a very traditional wedding but it's fun to imagine how it could have been. I stayed in the quiet room so Lucy could wander about during the ceremony, and she was bopping along to the hymns that were sung. They weren't very boppy songs, but it worked for her.  

A: What's a wedding in Nebraska like?
L: Thankfully, no dysentery.
M: Ten gallon hats.
L: The bride had a flannel veil.
M: Banjo processional.
L: They left in a covered wagon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

How to Pass

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 After seeing many of these signs out West (I know they are everywhere, it just stuck out to me for some reason while we were driving across Colorado, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Nebraska), I felt the need to draw a companion sign. Like when you're in a school zone and there's the "No Drug Zone" signs, is there signage marking where the drug zones are? If there is an absence of the "DUI Enforcement Zone" signage, does that mean they don't enforce DUIs? Inquiring minds want to know. 


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Crabby Ice Cream

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 So I was at the grocery store and they had super discounted pints of ice cream (some were down to $1!) and that should have been a warning sign but NOPE I got some non-dairy ice cream and it was good and I got my Mark two pints of Best of Baltimore. Two because I knew the "I'm So Crabby" one (seasoned with Old Bay potato chips) was not gonna be a winner. The Orange Creamsicle flavor was good, according to him. 

Wow, just looked up the history of Old Bay seasonings for the link there and the creator of the spice blend escaped Nazi Germany? Give it a read if you have time, it's an interesting story.

L: I bought some Best of Baltimore ice cream for you!
M: Please say it does not have Old Bay in it.
L: ... I guess I won't tell you about it. [holding a pint of "I'm So Crabby" flavored ice cream]

Thursday, June 16, 2022



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Going into tourist shops, I can see how people easily spend way too much money. But Lucy really needed that woolly mammoth! It's very soft and she likes it. And it reminds us of going to The Mammoth Site which was totally awesome and it's SO COOL to see paleontology at work! Digging up massive bones! All just sitting there in the ground waiting to be discovered! 

Title: Getting souvenirs
N: This is why you're insolvent.
L: What's insolvent? (holding a stuffed buffalo and woolly mammoth)
N: That's also why you're insolvent.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Mount Conradmore

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When out west, looking at so many natural cliffs, it's just natural to think to add your face to one or more of them. Surely that wouldn't take decades to do. Actually looking into what all was done to create Mount Rushmore is quite amazing, how they had the models and transformed the mountain to match. I cannot imagine carving rock, hoping for no landslides or other issues that would wreck everything. 

L: That mountain needs a face carved on it.
N: Why not ours?

Sunday, June 12, 2022


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I was over at my in-laws and someone had a deck of cards and a group was playing slapjack and it was mentioned that my nephew Jack (who was not at the gathering) would hate that game and that sparked this comic. Not much else to say, other that why on earth are Jack-in-the-Box toys a thing???? Who wants to be jump-scared by a toy???

Slinky Dog: Let's play slapjack!
Jack-in-the-Box: I hate that game.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Deer and Antelope Playing

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♪♩ "Home, home on the range - where the deer and the antelope play" ♪♩

I still think they are playing together, that's just how things are out west. Everything is peaceful and the plains are wide open and there's tall grain swaying in the breeze. We did see quite a few deer and a few little antelopes, but they were chilling in separate groups. There were also many much buffalo. But I can misremember and say they were all playing together. And the prairie dogs were in on it, too. Multi-species game play going on. 

M: Look, antelope!
L: Are they playing with the deer?
M: No, but in the song -
L: I still feel misled.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Nebraskan Birds

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Happy Birthday to my niece! So there's a theory that birds aren't real, something about they all died and were replaced with drones, and I have questions. Like, most birds fit a given mold of 'small flying thing' but what about all the birds that don't fit that mold? Are flightless birds just terrestrial drones, and penguins are semi-aquatic drones? If you could have a drone for every type of bird out there, that would be pretty cool. But on a technical note, drone makers do tend to look to nature to figure out how to do things (like I remember reading about one that made a solid wing pop out when an uncontrolled landing was happening so it would spiral gently downward like a maple tree 'helicopter' seed). Looking to nature is fascinating when we discover how magnificent so many processes are and we can't mechanically recreate them. God is amazing and nature shows that. 

M: That's a large eagle.
L: Or maybe it's a drone!
N: Birds aren't real.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Judging Music

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Not a Nebraska comic! Gonna switch it up and mix in some new ones. So my husband and I have different tastes in music, namely that he has a wider range than I do of what he deems acceptable. Sometimes when I walk by his office (he works from home), I just have to comment. That's all, no judgement here :) 

Title: *barely melodic noises*
L: Not to judge, but what the heck are you listening to?
M: I feel judged. 

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Nebraska Landscape

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Happy Fridge Day!!! 
To be fair, buttes aren't just in Nebraska, and I don't remember if the ones that inspired this comic were in South Dakota or one of the other states. The mouseover is excellent for this comic - you should check it out. Also, there will be more humor involving that type of land mass because it works well and I find it humorous. 

M: To your right, the Rocky Mountains!
N: To your left, a red butte.
L: *snicker*