Sunday, October 4, 2020

Coin Shortage

Because people are resistant to change

Happy Birthday to my nephew! And maybe my niece too, not sure when she'll make her appearance. 

Not to make light of a national issue, but that's what I'm doing here. I really like collecting coins, and smashing coins, and I have a metal frame on my wall (the frame is wood but the center is metal) and I mount all my smashed pennies (and a dime and quarter that were smashed too and some unsmashed foreign pennies because those are cool too) by gluing a magnet to the back (I got a roll that I can snip little strips off and it has adhesive but it's not very strong so I add gorilla glue) and I should hang that frame up again but I need to get all the coins on it and I want them in order (we put the foreign ones in one place, then national parks together, and then beaches all together, and so on). But we have a place on the wall for it so that's good. 

Another national issue is people being resistant to change, but I'd rather talk about coins. 

A: Why is there a coin shortage?
B: Maybe because people are resistant to change.

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