Thursday, October 29, 2020

Animal Costumes


Deer to fox: You cannot make fun of my Bambi costume when you are dressed as Zorro

I drew this after Halloween last year AND stored it in the proper folder AND remembered to check said folder before the holiday passed by again! I feel like I need a sticker or something. Maybe a sticker to remind me to check my holiday folders when a holiday is approaching. The deer's costume would be the spots since adults don't have those but maybe judging from the size it's a little fawn so therefore he did nothing for his costume, and I tried drawing the classic Zorro hat on the fox but it just didn't look right so I left it off. Also totally forgot about the rapier but I'm not sure how I would have worked that in anyway.

FYI "zorro" is Spanish for "fox". I feel like everyone should know Bambi and Zorro but if you don't, please click the links and learn about them. 

Deer: You can't make fun of my Bambi costume if you're a fox dressed as Zorro. 
Fox: *wearing cape and mask*

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