Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Toad Stools

 I thought this up when we were looking for stools for our new kitchen - we have a center island which has an overhang on one side that works perfectly for a breakfast nook. We did not find any toad stools but we did get some nice cherry ones from Wayfair that match our kitchen cabinets. We looked at Ikea but the one we wanted was out of stock (actually they had one but we wanted at least two and if you want them to match, you gotta buy them together).
And yes, I know what a toadstool is. Well actually I thought I did - I thought it was a red mushroom with white dots BUT it turns out all mushrooms are technically toadstools. And they got their name because mushrooms seem like a great place for a toad to take a seat. The more you know...

E: Hello, Chair Emporium, we have the seats.
P: Do you have any frog-shaped, backless -
E: FOR THE LAST TIME we do NOT sell toadstools!

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