Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Game's A Foot


Happy Birthday to my Mom!

So, I had to look up Sherlock's hat because I couldn't remember where the bills were. I don't recall what sparked this one - I watched BBC's Sherlock way back when it came out with those short little seasons, but I am familiar with his phrases due to pop culture referencing them. Also, The Great Mouse Detective was an excellent take on the stories. 

The key is that Sherlock likes to say "The game's afoot" when he puts together the important clues and runs off to apprehend the villain. I played on that to make a game about feet, so the game is a foot. 

JW: This game is lame - it's all about hooves and paws and -
SH: *heart*
Game name: "It Behooves You"
Comic title: The Game's A Foot

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