Thursday, November 19, 2020

Jurassically Awesome Names

Jurassically awesome

 Those names are really a mouthful. Are you familiar with Archaeopteryx or Ichthyosaurus? Archie (I'm not going to keep spelling those, I'm not sure which is more difficult - spelling or saying them) was a small flying dinosaur and Theo was a swimmer who was recently in the news for a fascinating fossil showing one swallowing a meal nearly the size of itself (it might have choked). 
For some reason, and I know I've said this before, my sisters and sister-in-laws don't take my name suggestions. I think they're great names, with thought-out nicknames, and so unique. But they come up with great names on their own so I guess I can't hold this against them. 

P: Here are my kids, Archie and Theo.
F: Nice.
A: Our full names are Archaeopteryx and Ichthyosaurus. 

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