Thursday, November 5, 2020

Overheard in a Corn Maze

We're independent - we don't follow the smart people.

Full disclosure that this was scheduled before the election so don't read too much into it. But maybe read a little into it. 

I went with a group from my church to a Corn Maze (or Corn Maize haha) up in PA - Maize Quest. While my group was trying to find our way through the massive corn maze (each group gets a flag and if you're ready to give up you wave it over your head and they come and get you and thankfully we've never had to do that), we passed a group of younger kids who loudly said (while going in the opposite direction of us) "We're independent - we don't follow the smart people!" To our great amusement, because we did not know where we were going. We finally caved and actually looked at the map and figured out we were halfway through and just needed to find a given bridge to make it out and we did! It took about 1.5 hours. That was not our best time, but we had fun. And were thankful for bringing a flashlight because it was getting dark by the end of our quest. I totally recommend visiting Maize Quest and their associated Maple Lawn Farms. They have really good apple cider donuts!

Title: Overheard in a Corn Maze
Youths: We're independent - we don't follow the smart people!

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