Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Fake Gnus Part 2


That sign says Wildebeests but those are just Jersey Cows. Fake Gnus!

ELECTION DAY: For my American viewers, please do your research and cast your vote!

I don't think we can take any more fake gnus (also I think this joke has been stretched pretty far since I made it into two comics). As stated in the last comic, a Gnu is an African Wildebeest. A Jersey cow is the most generic cow I could find - I was looking for what you'd see back in my old hometown in CT in the fields at the base of my parents' street. The kind that I definitely didn't tip because those beasts are huge and wow those fields are covered in cow pies. Ew. And it's not good to tip the cows - they could get hurt. 

A: That sign says the enclosure is for African Wildebeests, but those are just Jersey cows. 
B: Fake gnus!

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