Sunday, March 5, 2023

Solar Power Producer

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Happy belated Birthday to my Dad! You're the best ♡

So I was at Costco and saw a solar power salesperson and I was able to avoid a conversation but I did think up this comic and was debating if I was bold enough to actually hold this conversation in real life. Time will tell I guess. But also as a human we are kinda solar powered; it's not healthy to avoid the sun completely. As much as it burns me, I realize the sun has some benefits. Opening the curtains is a good thing to do for your household. Even if it super heats up some of the rooms since the front of my house gets like 100% sun and that's why solar panels were a great idea.

Explanation: The salesperson wants to know which company the customer uses for her solar power, but the customer answers where the solar power actually comes from which is the sun i.e. solar. Is the customer talking about herself or her house? It's actually ambiguous! Could go either way. 

S: Are you interested in solar power?
L: We are already solar powered!
S: Oh, where do you get it from?
L: The sun!

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