Sunday, March 26, 2023

Knight Mare of Narnia

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This was thought up after I saw the excellent production of The Horse and His Boy at the Museum of the Bible down in D.C. It was really well done. If they tour near you, I highly recommend going. I feel like this scene could have happened after the events of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe but before the events of The Horse and His Boy. I like how Narnia has talking horses (among other animals) so the dialog works. Some would say this is a reason why C.S. Lewis did not give Lucy a sword (she was given a dagger and I feel like you can't knight your subjects with that). I thought about having the horse say "What did Edmund do this time?" but went with the dialog above instead. I also realize the size of the girl and the horse are not quite right, but it looked odd to me to have the horse properly taller than the girl. Horses are surprisingly tall.  

Explanation: The horse (a mare) is getting knighted, making her a Knight Mare. This is a play on the word 'nightmare' and directly ties into why she's being given the mission of terrorizing the Queen's brother. 

QL: I dub thee Knight Mare, now go terrorize my brother!
B: Yes, Queen Lucy.

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