Sunday, March 31, 2019


My pastor went through a series in Jonah and it's really good so you should check it out on Sermon Audio! The fish colors are a little inspired by a Pixar movie. We went to Sight & Sound when they did Jonah and it was a really good production that helped bring the story to life! I recommend going to see their shows. 

B: I just want my kid to be great!
O: Well, we can't all swim around swallowing wayward prophets.

And a bonus comic based on my childhood of watching Veggie Tales! Wow, looking up the Jonah movie enlightened me so much - did not realize Phil Vischer voiced half of the cast and Relient K sang the classic song "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." Also, while my pastor has been preaching on Jonah, I got the song "Second Chances" stuck in my head and couldn't remember where it was from but now I know! It's this movie. 

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