Thursday, March 14, 2019

Percy Jackson Musical

  So a few weeks ago, we went to see a musical "The Lightning Thief", about the first book in the Percy Jackson series, which is about Greek mythology set in current times. The musical was very creative, had only 7 actors playing all the roles with minimal props and sets, and did a good summary of the entire book in two hours.
 The main actors, Percy and Annabeth, played only their roles since they were in nearly every scene. And they did a great job! The actor for Grover also played Mr. D, which worked because usually one of them was in a scene. The other four members of the cast played everyone else, and had a creative enough wardrobe to differentiate between the characters.
 The set pieces were very minimal but creative - you had to use your imagination for some (there was a piece of rolling scaffolding that was everything from an elevator to a bus to really anything that moved) but the actors made it believable. 
 It definitely helped to have read the books to fully understand what all was happening, and I saw a lot of fans in the audience (orange t-shirts, PJ books, etc). It was a one weekend only show in the Kennedy Center, but it was in a side theater not the main huge one. I highly enjoyed my afternoon!

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