Thursday, August 22, 2019

Kangaroo Court

Don't annoy a kangaroo, not only might they kick you but also they might take you to their court and you won't get a fair trial because that's just how it goes in kangaroo court.
Side note - the bird pictured is an emu and they are my favorite bird. They are so weird. In the Virginia Zoo, they have an Australian Walkabout and you can walk in the enclosure where they have wallabies and kangaroos and sometimes emus too. It's amazing to get close to such a massive bird but sadly the day we went it was super hot and they were all in the shade as the edges of the enclosure and we as humans had to stay on the path so there was distance between us but it was still really cool.

Kangaroo: I'm gonna take you to court!
Emu: OH NOOOO!!!

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