Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dry Skin Problems

After I did this.... many times, I decided to comic it. I'm sure others can relate. After documenting this, I feel I haven't done it as much, but also the weather here has warmed up so my skin isn't nearly as thirsty. Or maybe I'm putting on my chap-stick before I lotion my hands, that could be it too. Also, spell check is telling me 'chapstick' isn't a word and it needs a hyphen. But I just Googled (not a sponsor) it and chapstick, namely the brand ChapStick (not a sponsor), is very much a word. Apparently 'lip balm' is the non-branded term, but it's like Kleenex (not a sponsor) in that it can be Burt's Bees brand (not a sponsor) but you still call it chapstick.
I feel super official when I use (not a sponsor). In case you are wondering, I don't have sponsors (yet?) so any brand I mention is actually not a sponsor, even if I forget to caveat it.

L: Why are my hands and lips so dry all winter? Ugh.
* puts lotion on hands *
* tries to open chap-stick *
L: NOOOoooo!!!

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