Thursday, January 6, 2022

Little Sneezer

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Happy early Birthday to my brother-in-law!
Yes, I switched up her crown to be a laurel for this one. Yes, when my daughter sneezes I encourage her to make it bigger and louder (have a comic for later about this). Are you thinking "pizza, pizza" when you think of Little Caesars? Because that's what comes to my mind. I haven't been to a Little Caesars in a very long time - I think in college was my last visit. Now I have to check - yes, Little Caesars is still around.

Explanation: the joke is that the baby sneezes a lot so she has a laurel crown to liken her to the mascot of Little Caesar's. This is a play on the words 'sneezer' and 'Caesar' (pronounced like 'seizure') sounding similar. 

A: Why is your daughter wearing a laurel crown?
L: She's my Little Sneezer.

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