Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tilt vs Whirl


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Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law!
I don't recall what sparked this comic but I have many memories of the carnival that would show up seemingly overnight in the cow pasture down the road from my parents and we all wanted to ride the rides but now as an adult I'm like, second guessing riding those. But how often do you hear of accidents at them? Not much I believe. They probably are very good at what they do, with setting up for a week, packing it all up, moving, and setting it up elsewhere. 

Explanation: There is a ride called Tilt-A-Whirl that is at many carnivals and fairs, and when the dad is told that his child is tilting (sliding down in his arms) he responds that he's glad she isn't whirling (hurling, i.e. spit-up or vomit).

A: Your baby is tilting.
D: As long as she isn't whirling!

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