Sunday, February 27, 2022

Deer Management

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The conversation in this comic happened in January, which apparently is when our local park management, um, manages the herd. I like my mental picture of the deer wearing neckties and staring (deer in the headlights, ha) at the park ranger sitting behind his desk in the woods as he calls each of them up to his desk and asks for five-year plans. Did a quick search and the average deer lifespan in the wild is three years, so that's just rude to ask for a five-year plan. I thought about having the guy in the comic holding a rifle of some sort, but wasn't sure it would look right so I left it out. 

Ha, I just thought of changing the guy in this comic to be a park ranger so he'd be holding a shotgun, saying the same thing as above, but the lady would say "Are you park rangers etc..." and that might be funnier since he's clearly not going to do that.

B: There's going to be some deer management in the parks nearby next week.
A: Are the park rangers putting neckties on the deer and asking for five-year plans?
B: ... Sure. 

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