Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Abstain from Whine

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Welcome to March! Let's march right in, haha.
Thought of this comic of the many times my daughter was whining. Usually it's a sign that she needs a nap, or at least some quiet rest time. Baby girl should abstain from both whine and wine, she's far too young for that. Also we attend a Baptistic church which does not use wine in the Lord's Supper so she is going to go a very long time before she gets any wine. 
On a related note, we were out with friends and Lucy was being a fussy pants and I told her to stop being such a baby. My friend was amused. I think it's humorous to tell a baby not to be a baby because it makes you realize that said baby is actually acting her age.

L: Baby Girl, please abstain from the whine.

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