Thursday, March 3, 2022

Shrimp Cocktail

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A friend told me about a misunderstanding she had about shrimp cocktail (she thought it was an alcoholic cocktail drink), and this comic was inspired. And I sincerely hope there is not a shrimp-based beverage out there because that just sounds disgusting and also right in line with those recipes from the 50's where everything was suspended in aspic and covered in mayo. They probably had a shellfish beverage. 

Congrats to my cousin who is getting married tomorrow! I hope the catering does not make a shrimp beverage.

Happy early Birthday to my Dad! I hope you don't get any shrimp beverages for your big day. 

Title: Shrimp Cocktail
P: This is the most disgusting drink I have ever had, and WHERE are the appetizers?!?! 

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