Thursday, May 23, 2024

Discontinued Renegade

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Sadly my beloved Jeep was hit and totaled (we are fine, thank the Lord), so I am now searching for the next love of my car life. And I have a twinge of sadness every time I see a Renegade out there enriching someone's life. My toddler noticed a green Renegade in a parking lot and said it was like Mom's car, which I thought was a surprising correlation for a three-year-old since mine was a different color. But the Renegade is a more distinct car than a classic sedan. Anyways, I'm sure there'll be plenty of comics once I get a new car. Oh, a bonus panel! 

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Explanation: In the Marvel Universe, a character named Thanos gets an important glove then snaps his fingers to make half the people in the universe disappear. In my comic above, I allude to Thanos snapping to remove all the Renegades from the Earth (so not a universal snap, just our planet).

L1: Why don't you get another Renegade?
L2: They've been discontinued :( 
L1: They're all gone?!
L2: Yep, Thanos snapped them off the Earth.
L1: ... so they might be on other planets?
L2: We can't rule that out.

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