Sunday, October 25, 2015

Upside Down Frown

I don't think the pumpkin is any happier.

Portal Pumpkins

 Today was pumpkin carving day, so only one comic. But here's some pictures from the carving of the pumpkins!
 Wet-dry vacs are amazing for cleaning out pumpkins!
 Our goals
 More carving
 All done!
 Out on our steps
The guts

The bookends my dad made for us were our inspiration. See those thin books on the right? You too can have thin books on your bookshelf or wherever you keep books! Click Here!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Whiteboard

After review, I think I like using a whiteboard. Pro - making a comic is quicker (don't have to pencil, ink, and erase). Con - no physical record (I like my little sketchbooks full of comics but I never really review or go back to them so....). Another pro - I take a picture of it rather than using my scanner. My scanner has been irritating lately so I'm kinda glad to get it out of the loop.
I still have some inked ones that I'll post but then it's likely that I'll switch totally to whiteboarding. woohoo!
What kind of responsibility comes with getting a whiteboard? I'm glad you asked: ERASE IT WHEN YOU'RE DONE! If you want a permanent message, use a poster. Seriously. I get irritated when I see whiteboards with old messages hardened onto them.

Captain Oblivious: Complement Inventor

It's what the kids say? Can we make this a thing?

Accent Rug

Identity Crisis

It's debatable.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trying a New Technique

This week I borrowed a whiteboard from the VBS supplies and tried doing comics on that instead of the usual pen and paper. I will probably be switching back and forth while deciding which way I prefer. If I like the whiteboard, I might go and get a white whiteboard.

Everest 4D

Remember to wear a parka and snow gear for the realistic effects.

And now with a filter j/k new whiteboard:


And now de-orange-ified!

The Hunt for Red Octobear

The text should be read in Sean Connery's voice.

And here it is not in orange!