Thursday, May 30, 2019

Moving the Door

There was a lot of text for this one, so I opted to type using my custom font which I like.
So the restroom configuration could be improved at my church, but it would require moving the door which is not the end of the world but would be a decent construction project. And I was thinking how it could go wrong and came up with this comic. I don't believe the project has gotten past the 'should we do this' phase, so it's nowhere close to happening. The restroom works as is, so there's no rush, and if there's no rush, it's not gonna happen. At least that's how it seems to work normally.

A: Why are the ladies mad at us? We are moving the restroom door, just like they requested.
B: I have no idea - we patched over the old doorway last week and we plan to install the new doorway in the coming weeks.

<Explanation - if you patch over the door and haven't cut in the new doorway, the room is inaccessible>

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