Sunday, January 26, 2020

Little to No Spice

There is an Indian restaurant near us named Little Spice. There are actually quite a few Indian restaurants near us. My in-laws love eating the spicy food, but my stomach cannot handle it. It tastes good, but the heat messes me up. There is one buffet nearby that they like and I can eat there if they go through the line before me and try everything and let me know what isn't spicy. I would really like to be able to eat it without getting ill afterwards. Apparently my stomach can't handle capsaicin and most Indian dishes use chili peppers. Some places don't seem to have anything I can handle, but usually there's a rice dish that's nice and mild.

Happy almost Birthday to my littlest brother! He's actually the tallest and might not be done growing, but he's still the littlest :)

M: Want to go to Little Spice for dinner?
L: I would prefer Little To No Spice.

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