Sunday, July 5, 2020

Wholly Holey Holy

I'm not a fan of cheese since I'm lactose intolerant (I know there is less lactose in harder cheeses but really it's not worth the stomach ache to figure out if I can eat something and also there are plenty of alternatives at Wegmans so that's quite excellent) but I am a fan of puns, the more the better :) Swiss cheese has holes, but why and also are there other cheeses that have holes? CultureCheeseMag has the answer! But BBC has a different answer but it isn't peer reviewed. Also there are many cheeses from Switzerland (we visited there a few years ago and they talked about their hundreds of cheeses) and several of them have holes. 

A: Why did you bless the block of Swiss cheese?
B: So it can be wholly holey holy cheese!

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