Thursday, September 17, 2020

Captain America 3

I wrote this one a while ago (clearly as this movie came out four years ago) but I thought I'd post it today because it's the best day of the year and Captain America is my favorite superhero. Why is this the best day of the year? Well, you are just missing out if you don't know. Actually I am missing out if you don't know because that means you probably didn't send me a card or present or wish me anything on social media. Oh well. Drawing the iconic shield was a bit difficult but I was able to use some basic shapes to make it - free-handing was just not working out. 
As a comic explanation, one of Captain America's catchphrases is "Avengers, Assemble" because he's usually leading the fight and that's how he gets his group together. In Captain America 3, stuff happens and decisions are made and due to the decisions that mainly Captain America and Iron Man make, the Avengers team splits apart and it's kind of a low point in their team spirit. 

Title: Captain America 3: Civil War Summary
CA: Avengers, Disassemble.

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