Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Great Dismal Swamp, Page 2


Happy almost birthday to my brother!

I think I will try to comic our adventures, as it is helpful to remember all the small moments as well as the big ones. We had a short weekend away, but plenty of happy memories from it. 

Panel 1: VA Beach Boardwalk
L: Let's never get to the socks-and-sandals stage of not caring
M: Agreed.

Panel 2: 
M: Duck Donuts on the Boardwalk
L: An upgraded Pastries in the Park Sunday.

Panel 3:
M: I see a lot of red and orange ahead.
L: I only see some red cars, no orange.
M: On the map - it's slow ahead.

Panel 4: Flower Flamingos in the Botanic Garden

Panel 5:
M: Actual archaeologists unearthing Jamestown!
L: Cool!

Panel 6: Cactus Jack's - always a delicious meal.

Panel 7:
M: Look at all the history around us!
L: So many Pokestops!

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