Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Chipping Chips

Chip away at that bag of chips

I really like potatoes. Also, plain potato chips (the wavy kind) are my favorite - just potato, salt, and oil. Probably shouldn't chip away at a whole Costco-sized bag of chips by your lonesome self - it would be too easy to overdo it and then you might not want chips anymore and that'd be sad. We use to eat jello a lot until we overdid it one night and yeah, we took a break for a few years. We are back to liking jello, especially a Dr. Pepper jello salad that I found in a church fellowship cookbook from back in the day (I don't put the nuts or cream cheese in it, just jello, fruit, and soda). Also, crisps is just the British way to say chips (because they think chips are fries) - I didn't want to repeat 'chips' in the comic (do you see the name on the bag? It's "Ripples for Days").

A: It's gonna take you forever to finish that bag of Costco potato crisps.
B: Well, I'm chipping away at it.

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