Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Faxing Phones

Classic modem noise

Happy almost Birthday to my Brother! (not the one in this comic)
We had a conversation about printing out emails and somehow it devolved into a discussion on fax machines and this interaction happened between my brother and mom. And I just went down a rabbit hole trying to find a good onomatopoeia for that sound and I'm pretty sure that xkcd had it in a mouse-over for a comic but I cannot find it. The closest I found is: urrrr EEEE urrr NNNGGGG CRRRRcrrrr KEEEEEEE grrr nnnnnng Ah, the sound of the 90's. Reminds me of playing games off a floppy disc. 

Li: You have a fax machine on your phone?!?
Lu: ... Yes, Mom. *modem noise*

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