Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Nebraskan Birds

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Happy Birthday to my niece! So there's a theory that birds aren't real, something about they all died and were replaced with drones, and I have questions. Like, most birds fit a given mold of 'small flying thing' but what about all the birds that don't fit that mold? Are flightless birds just terrestrial drones, and penguins are semi-aquatic drones? If you could have a drone for every type of bird out there, that would be pretty cool. But on a technical note, drone makers do tend to look to nature to figure out how to do things (like I remember reading about one that made a solid wing pop out when an uncontrolled landing was happening so it would spiral gently downward like a maple tree 'helicopter' seed). Looking to nature is fascinating when we discover how magnificent so many processes are and we can't mechanically recreate them. God is amazing and nature shows that. 

M: That's a large eagle.
L: Or maybe it's a drone!
N: Birds aren't real.

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