Sunday, June 19, 2022

Crabby Ice Cream

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 So I was at the grocery store and they had super discounted pints of ice cream (some were down to $1!) and that should have been a warning sign but NOPE I got some non-dairy ice cream and it was good and I got my Mark two pints of Best of Baltimore. Two because I knew the "I'm So Crabby" one (seasoned with Old Bay potato chips) was not gonna be a winner. The Orange Creamsicle flavor was good, according to him. 

Wow, just looked up the history of Old Bay seasonings for the link there and the creator of the spice blend escaped Nazi Germany? Give it a read if you have time, it's an interesting story.

L: I bought some Best of Baltimore ice cream for you!
M: Please say it does not have Old Bay in it.
L: ... I guess I won't tell you about it. [holding a pint of "I'm So Crabby" flavored ice cream]

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