Sunday, October 16, 2022

Pumpkin Guards


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So I have some little pumpkins on my front step because it's Fall and I started with four little gourds but then my husband asked about the number because he only saw three when he came in the house so I went and checked and there were only two!!! And then later there was only one left, and it had some bites taken out of it. So I have these little terracotta hedgehogs and I put them on either side of the last remaining pumpkin and while several more bites have been taken out of it, it hasn't been carried away! I have gotten more pumpkins to bring the number back to four, but kept the hedgehogs guarding (gourding?) the group and so far they are all still there so yay! 

L: They need to guard that pumpkin with their lives. *pointing at hedgehog statues*
S: But they aren't alive...
N: Gourd it???

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