Sunday, October 9, 2022

Cup of Honey

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My Mark says a cup of honey would not be good, and I agree. Having a cup of tea with some honey is a good thing, or putting honey on toast, but just honey as the star is a bit much. Song mashups are fun to do, especially if you are fortunate enough to be flipping through the radio stations and the songs just line up perfectly. This comic was sparked by two songs that I heard near each other, so probably in the same car trip, but not perfectly lined up as portrayed above. But it all clicked together in my head hence this earworm of a comic :)

A: 𝆕 Fill my cup, Lord! 𝆕
B: 𝆕 With honey from the Rock 𝆕

Note: I now realize the lyrics are "Honey in the Rock" but that doesn't quite fit my comic so I'm claiming artistic liberty. 

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