Sunday, November 13, 2022

Flag Search

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So my husband works in our church's Awana ministry, and each week they pray for a country. To help visualize, he got a pack of flags so he can wave the little flag and they are keeping all the flags on display to help remind the kids where they've pray over the weeks. It's great but the bag of flags that he purchased seemed to be in no discernable order, so after searching through basically all of them (first I looked up the flag so I knew exactly what the goal was) I then sorted them into various piles (like ones with a star, ones with just horizonal or vertical stripes, ones with a seal of some sort on them, ...). Now I can search in a smaller stack to find the one that is desired, and also we are learning country flags through this so that's kinda cool. 

M: Help me find the Costa Rica one in this bag of 200 flags.
L: What does it look like?
M: It has red and blue.
L: Gonna need more info.
M: It has stripes!
L: Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

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