Thursday, March 16, 2023

Flickering Lightbulb

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No worries, he changed the light bulb. And then a few days later, another lightbulb started flickering. But no worries, that light is just dead now which quite frankly is better than the flickering. It's in a rather high ceiling so it's annoying to get the ladder to swap it out. But then again, we have a dead lightbulb in our bathroom right over the sink mirror and we haven't bothered to reach up and swap it out. But there's a lot of lights in that bathroom so one being out isn't as noticeable or annoying. Someday, we will have all the lightbulbs lit. Only for another to blow. That's how the story goes, as they say. 

L: Could you change that flickering lightbulb?
M: OR we could put up strobe light / seizure warning signage. 

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