Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Lucy vs Susan

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In the Chronicles of Narnia, the character Susan is known as Susan the Gentle whereas her sister Lucy is named Lucy the Valiant. My toddler is constantly being reminded that she needs to be gentle whether that's when she's throwing things or swinging her arms about or (sadly still) biting because she's either irritated or overjoyed or like bored, I don't even know what's going through her head sometimes. I am reminded of a meme I saw which had a huge book with the text "Chronicles of Narnia as Lewis wrote them" then next to it a thin book with the text "Chronicles of Narnia if they gave Lucy a sword." In the books, Lucy is given a dagger whereas her siblings get swords and archery equipment. 

L1: Lucy, you need to be gentle.
L2: Well, you didn't name me Susan!

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