Sunday, April 2, 2023

Draw a Fowl

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Happy Birthday to my Sister!!!
How are your brackets doing? I had to look up to see that yes, there is one more week of the madness. I made a March Madness bracket in my standard way which is to say I picked the names I liked and when in doubt I looked at the seeding and tried to pick a handful of upsets but as usual I have UConn winning it because maybe this will be the year. I am scheduling this post from a time when UConn is still in the running, and I hope they are still in the running when this post is live because that will mean my bracket is at least one quarter happy. 

Explanation: In basketball, sometimes a player will intentionally foul another as a strategy move. "Draw" can mean "trace or produce (a line or mark) on a surface" or "be the cause of (a specified response)" and wow I know what both versions mean but I had to Google it because getting the words for the concept was not working for me. "Foul" and "fowl" sound the same but are clearly different things. 

P: Not sure why you wanted this, but here's the robin I sketched.
P: Oh, like a duck or loon?

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