Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Help from Apolo

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And now to draw a speed skater:
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True Story, if I were to be an Olympian I would like to be a speed skater. I just think that'd be fun, skating super fast. Due to this, Apolo Ohno is probably my favorite Olympian.
So for Thanksgiving I was making a Colossal Coconut Cream Pie which has a huge meringue on top and it was a little stressful to get that correct. It was a super good pie though, let me include a photo:

I'm not sure if that picture does it justice but it was tall and toasty (my spouse bought a kitchen torch for me and it was a little tricky to start but works great and I've made two meringues and a 6-pack of crème brûlée). As for calling on Apolo, I was stressing and started rhyming. And for some reason I was thinking about the Hershey Gold commercials from the last winter Olympics (Apolo starred in them and set me off on a quest to find the candy which is what commercials are supposed to do). 

Title: Separating eggs for a meringue
L: Oh no - oh no - calling on Apolo...
M: How is a speed skater going to help with this?
AO: You rang?

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