Tuesday, December 5, 2023


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My brother sent me the fact that platypus have both eggs and milk and therefore can make custard, so of course I had to look up if you really could and you CANNOT! It's illegal and they don't lay unfertilized eggs and also the eggs are tiny and they sweat out their milk so how would you even collect that. But then I was already on the platypudding train (I later realized that custard and pudding are not quite the same but we're already here dying things teal and giving out fedoras).
And now for some lyrics to hear incorrectly:
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Explanation: The platypus is an anomaly since it's a mammal (has milk) and also oviparous (lays eggs). Custard requires eggs and milk to make. There's a famous platypus that's teal and wears a fedora (Perry, or rather Agent P).

A: Why are you looking up if a platypus can lay unfertilized eggs?
B: They have both eggs AND milk! You know what else has eggs and milk?!?
A: I think they're the only - 
B: Custard!
A: That cannot be legal.

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