Thursday, April 11, 2024

March Madness Giants

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So my in-laws do a March Madness bracket nearly every year and last year I won! I always pick UConn going all the way and that carried me to victory. This year I stuck with my tradition however many others joined my bandwagon and basically I only had UConn correct after the first two games. So I did not win this year BUT I did not come in last which is where I was until UConn won the big game. I picked my teams alphabetically this year, whichever team was further in the alphabet went further in my bracket, and yeah that was a bad plan. I made an alternate bracket with the opposite strategy, and it did waaaaaay better. I also made an alternate bracket where I picked all underdogs (other than UConn) and that one did about the same as my actual bracket, so that shows how badly I picked. Whoops. One year I picked my teams based on who had a higher scrabble score - I don't remember how well I did then. 

Explanation: There's a phrase "a giant among men" to mean someone really stands out in a good way, and I adapted it for when everyone is over 6' by a good margin but there's one who's sizeable bigger.

Title: March Madness: Purdue
L: That man is a giant among slightly smaller giants.
M: He's 7'4". 

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