Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Foolproof Brownies

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Happy Birthday to my sister! And a belated Happy April Fool's Day to everybody. It didn't seem right to post this the day before the holiday as that was Easter, so you get it belated. I could have posted it a day early, but that's not my schedule and I rarely deviate from it. As for the comic, I saw an ad about foolproof brownies and thought, oh I guess those aren't for clowns. I'm not sure what the recipe was however I did Google for recipes and found these: 1 2 

Explanation: Clowns are also called fools. When you have something foolproof, that means nobody can mess it up but it also could be taken to mean that a fool can't get it. 

C: Why can't I eat this?!?
L: They're foolproof brownies. 

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