Sunday, March 31, 2024

Repost: Robin Eggs

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Way back in 2012 (wow, 12 years ago!), I came up with one of my favorite comics of all time and yes this is it. I also really like Robin Egg candies so I'm a little biased on this. I didn't come up with a new Easter comic this year because it's hard to get specific ideas, and I usually get them after the holiday and have to write them up and save for the next year. 

Happy Easter / Resurrection Day to all! There are many resources to learn more about the reason for this season, but here's one if you'd rather not search around.

A: Look at this - it's a robin egg!
C1: cool!
C2: that's amazing!
C1&C2: G A S P  (for two panels)
A: haha - it's a candy robin egg - a malt ball! You don't think it's funny. OK, then. 

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