Sunday, June 9, 2024

SV after BotW Part 1

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As previously mentioned, I have started playing Stardew Valley. We do play it on our computers but that's harder to draw so we are taking creative license here to say we play it on our phones. I'm not sure if I've previously mentioned (it's been a while if I have) that I've played a number of Legend of Zelda games, including most recently Tears of the Kingdom but before that Breath of the Wild. I liked both games but liked BotW better than TotK. In SV and BotW, you can clear grass as part of the game. But in SV, you don't get rupees (money) when you do so. You actually use up your energy, which is sad, but you're clearing your land to get resources and space for gardens and such. 

Up next: a few more SV after BotW comics :) 

Title: Playing Stardew Valley after BotW
M: *clearing away grasslands with a scythe* 
L: Where are the rupees?

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