Sunday, June 17, 2018

Germany and Switzerland, Part 4

I wrote up another one! So many memories made. I don't know why schnitzel has an English word that nobody uses, but yeah we saw 'escarole' on menus and only knew what it was since the menus had both English and German on them. And the tuna sandwich wasn't bad. Tuna in German is thunfisch, which I always read as thunderfish. The vending machine was in the airport and we had to hurry to find our gate and as a result, didn't have time to get lunch and the two-hour flight from Zurich to London didn't serve food so I needed something before boarding and the vending machine had a sandwich with cheese or a sandwich with fish, and I'm lactose intolerant so that limited my options. But it was tasty (and also I was quite hungry).

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