Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas Fringe

Oh, those lovely cats. I do not have any pets and I would not like to ever have a cat (I am very much a dog person - I enjoy pet sitting for friends).
We got new Christmas stockings last year (well, post-Christmas sales the year before but last year was our first year using them) and they are Captain America and Iron Man (from their Civil War movie). I like them a lot. Our previous ones were the classic red with white trim. I considered crocheting stockings for us but realized that is A LOT of work and I really like our Marvel ones so I'm not gonna do that any time soon.
Also, I can't call something "in" without thinking of the Netflix "Series of Unfortunate Events" episode where they were declaring absurd things fashionably "in" and "out" - that's the episode with the Salmonella Restaurant and that part had me crying with laughter.

W: The cat destroyed the stockings and the tree skirt!!!
H: Well, I believe fringe is in.

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