Thursday, February 27, 2020

Work Days

My old work had taco Tuesday and they sometimes had taco salad in a taco shell bowl and it was super tasty. My work does not have any of these three. I do know someone else who works at a place which got rid of their testers so now the developers all take a day to be their own QA (quality assurance). I don't agree with that approach. I think programmers don't make the best testers because we usually focus on the happy path and QA is trying to bring us down (haha) no, they are there focusing on all the edge cases and also ensuring our happy path is solid. Also a hot fix is when you have a bad bug in Prod and you have to make a patch and shove it to Prod before too many people notice/exploit it.

A: My old work had Taco Tuesday and it was great.
B: Well, here we have Testing Tuesday (where all devs become QA) and Hot Fix Friday.

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